CTHONIC AURA – “ABYSSIC REFLECTIONS IN SLUMBER” 1 SIDED PICTURE DISC LP Cthonic Aura has quite the pedigree behind it. It's composed of V.N. from Embrace of Thorns, Necrovorous, and a whole bunch of other bands, V.G. from Devotion Omega and Acherontas, and C.S. from War Possession and Wargoat. This is gonna be good. The production is dark and murky, a kind of production that has become really popular in death metal as of late. This fits right in with the brand of old school worship they're playing. The snare sound feels like a kick in the balls, exactly what I want from a snare drum. They also utilize a lot of crafty cymbal work and plenty of blasts and fills. The guitars play both early death metal riffs and sinister doom/death riffs similar to Incantation. They also make sure to include some old school down-tuned noodling. The vocals also have a prominent old school sound. C.S. mainly specializes as a bassist, but his growls sound positively beastly. This is such an evil, killer EP. If you love yourself some dark and sinister old school death metal worship then this album is for you.

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