It has finally arrived, the new long awaited full length from New York's Malignancy. Inhuman Grotesqueries is an extremely brutal and insane blend of death/grind that sees the band pushing boundries in all areas. A pinch harmonic lovers dream, Inhuman Grotesqueries is a benchmark in brutality and pure insanity.Malignancy is a loud offering of controlled chaos. The untrained ear may hear metallic cacophony but the fine-tuned metal ear will recognize the manipulations of instruments carrying out this sick songwriting that crafted this batch of aural antagonism. "Inhuman Grotesqueries" is violent social commentary married to a bit of the goregrind aesthetic. These are more than just lowbrow... Read More DECIBEL MAGAZINE Eleven out of 13 songs on Inhuman Grotesqueries follow the same two-word adjective-noun pattern: "Embryological Teratomas," "Organic Machinery," "Genital Hemangioma," the title track and seven more! It's cool, though; it's like, if they had a blackboard in the studio like Metallica in Some Kind of Monster (marked up with zen-koan-for-the-bloated-douchebag phrases like and "GOIN'... Read More DIGITAL METAL Though the semi legendary underground New York act has been around since 1993, this is only the second release from the Mortician offshoot, and it couldn't be released on a more fitting label. Sloppy (in tone and vocals) yet complex, gurgling, pinch harmonic filled classic goregrind/death metal of the most Neanderthal sort with a fetish for nastier Carcass like medical gore and... Read More SKYLINE PRESS Malignancy take off with their 6th release in a mutated repugnant manner that only Willowtip Records could possibly handle. Containing gutteral growls, maniacal riffing and piercing harmonics, the group's Internal Suffering-styled Willowtip debut proves to be a complete set of outrageously compiled tracks with vulgar lyrical content that may result in a vague understanding of "Inhuman... Read More UNHOLY CULT Since the 1999 release of 'Intrauterine Cannibalism,' I have been waiting for Malignancy to put out a new LP. Sure my lust for squealing pinch harmonics was temporarily gratified by the EP's 'Motivated By Hunger' and 'Cross Species Transmutation,' but despite the quality shredding on those CD's, I felt more teased than a 2-ton great white shark being fed a child. But with autumn about to... Read More METAL STORM Warning: Not For The Faint Of Heart! Yes, this album is savage, it will melt your brain and will turn your limbs into pudding, it's Malignancy returning from the bizarre world of intense time signatures and technical patterns wrapped with twisted brutality and spastic riffing. Brutal Death from the depths of the goriest metal blender, ultra fast, insanely complex and hostile music... Read More ULTIMATE METAL Since Malignancy's Inhuman Grotesqueries is steeped in medical terminology and gory artwork, it's a bit of a departure for Willowtip - a label that, though known for its technical death metal and grindcore, has mostly sidestepped gore-oriented bands until now. While it's taken Malignancy eight years to release the follow-up to the 1999 effort Intrauterine Cannibalism, one can't help but...

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