Always on the cutting edge of hilarity, and deranged humor, Sloth steps farther and farther away from the actual thought of song composition present on 13 Songs, 13 Samples… with their side of this split 7 incher. Although I highly doubt Sloth ever gave a shit about writing a traditional song in the first place! Featuring a dude in a muppet suit on drums, “Mr. Bunny Butt” plays out like a nightmarish nursery rhyme with singalong vocals/lyrics, plodding percussion, and an ominous, overcast cloud of background noises. The serious minded are well advised to steer clear, but those who have followed the band throughout their lengthy existence will surely crack a smile or three. While the cover mentions 6 songs, the affair is pretty much 1 extended track mentioning different kinds of animals’ butts. Hahaha, is the only other thing I can add to my review of their side! Whatever these guys are taking, I have to get a few handfuls of it. While the Sloth side of the split entertains (when does it not?), I can’t say the same for Blob. These 92’ demo tracks are all drone-y, muddy gunk congealed into this sticky pool of subsonic puke vocals, barely audible guitar distortion (is that even a guitar?), and all sorts of lo-fi skullduggery. I’m not sure this qualifies as music, or even entertainment. Sometimes I think buried beneath ten tons of sod is a 1-man grind/doom project (I swore I heard muffled blastbeats on one track), but most of the time I can’t make out anything at all. I’m sure this was meant as a joke, but I’m not laughing. On the other hand, Sloth is still one of the best zingers I’ve ever heard, the audio equivalent to a Leslie Nielsen one liner. Take that Anal Cunt! Sloth is funnier than you! Plus, they make more interesting sounds. If you’re a Sloth fan, come for their piece of the action, and the googly toy eyes pasted on their muppet drummer Alessandro’s image on the vinyl jacket (Sloth always has some of the best DIY vinyl designs ever). The Blob was better in 1958, and 1988, respectively. Not even Steve McQueen himself could save us from the display of indecipherable nonsense in this tepid remake.

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