Maybe better known as an Agoraphobic Nosebleed offshoot, Drugs Of Faith still bring plenty of chaos to the party; the occasional flurry of grindcore madness will sit alongside bludgeoning, mid-paced heaviness, hypnotic rhythms and discordant, frenzied noise-rock. Johnson’s authoritative bark, a sermon-esque shout, is so distinctive that at times this sounds much like an ANb record; as Hull has widened Nosebleed’s sound over the years and taken in other genres, their sound has become easier to identify outside the realms of pure grindcore. So as Johnson preaches above the double bass drum and tumbling snare whirlwinds, it’s likely you’ll double take. The fact that Hull himself is on mastering duties will help that feeling along too. But Drugs Of Faith are far more than the sum of individual elements; this is a 4 track EP that is rich with colour, character and a distinct sound of its own. ‘Paper Trails’ is the one to seek out if you’ve only got time for one song; a lurching, tar thick, grunge-meets-sludge masterwork – replete with a Pixies-esque section in the middle and enough brutal, smothering carnage to strain even the hardiest of headphones.

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