The central Poland-based remarkable powerhouse bring forth their follow-up to the 2004's "Seeds Of Cruelty". On "Progress" the band serves extra 30 minutes of mad, straight-forward metal/grind, distinctive to no other but them. Massive and catchy breakdowns, immense metallic sound, impetuous shouts and socio-political lyrics all make this quintet the incontestable major repesentatives of the Polish ground. With the fourth album, Toxic Bonkers prove highest status in over 10-year-long career. For fans of Napalm Death, Sepultura, Terrorizer, Bolt Thrower, Benediction. "Their brand of fierce grinding deathcore is instantly invigorating." - Decibel "What if I say that they are influenced by Napalm Death pretty hard? And Cataract suck their balls more than each and every metalcore band sucked Cataract's ones?" - "Aided greatly by some superb production, the quintet hammers out a likeable, workmanlike combination of old-school death metal, hardcore, thrash, and crust that's as crushing is it is groove-oriented." - "Sound that's gut-wrenching and outright fucking brutal." - "The band has a pummeling and unique approach to grindcore that sounds like a cross between Bolt Thrower, Sepultura, and Napalm Death." - Unbound zine

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