Virginia-based trio UNBURIED break the silence with their long awaited second full-length, "Murder 101". The 11-song album showcases a brutal helping of hate-filled death metal / gory grind. Fast blasts with bone-breaking grooves. True old school underground music, catchy nasty and raw in sound. No trends, no compromises, just straight forward face-shredding death metal from the States! UNBURIED is: Matt Pike, Mark Riddick (FETID ZOMBIE, MACABRA, GRAVE WAX) and Brian Forman (FETID ZOMBIE, GRAVE WAX). Artwork and layout has been drawn by none other than Mark Riddick himself so you know what to expect. For fans of OBITUARY, REPULSION, GRAVE, early CANNIBAL CORPSE and the likes. BIOGRAPHY: UNBURIED was birthed from Hell in the year 1994 by Matt Pike—the main songwriter/lyricist for the band. In 1996, UNBURIED unleashed their self-titled debut cassette demo recording upon the international underground death metal scene, featuring the first line-up alongside Pike—Christian Taylor and Mark Riddick. In 1998, UNBURIED further stamped their traditional underground death metal approach upon the scene with their second demo cassette recording, “Tortured Remains,” which received much praise, and more exposure throughout the underground metal community. At this time Christian Taylor had been replaced by brutal female lead singer, Rebbecca Hawkins. With the new line-up, UNBURIED performed live alongside bands like DECEASED, DYING FETUS, CORPSE VOMIT and others. In 2000, Hawkins parted ways with UNBURIED and Matt Pike took over vocal duties. After a few years of various unpublished recordings, UNBURIED signed with Metalbolic Records (USA) and released a split CD with SEEKING OBSCURE. The band then added drummer, Brian Forman and Matt Beahm (session guitar) and performed their first show after a six-year hiatus at the "Detroit Death Fest" alongside NOCTURNAL FEAR, CRUCIFIST, SAPROGENIC, and others. Shortly thereafter UNBURIED carried on playing more shows. In 2008—fourteen years after the bands’ genesis—UNBURIED published their first debut full-length CD, ”Slut Decapitator,” which received positive reviews for its underground attitude and old school sound; earning the band overdue respect. UNBURIED continue their low profile, but respectable approach toward death metal and have since parted ways with Metalbolic Records. UNBURIED has recently been adopted under the Selfmadegod Records banner for the release of their second full-length opus, "MURDER 101."

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