Hymen Holocaust is now a veteran band with god-knows-howmany releases (four) under its belt, and it’s unstoppable in its slow mission, spreading rot and decay, in the form of groovy Goregrind. You read that right. It took a while for this beast to pick up momentum, with earlier releases sounding a tad staid for my liking, but it has picked up steam ever since ‘Hot Love’. The new one titled ‘Donec Mors Nos Separaverit’ is released by none other than Bizarre Leprous Productions and sounds excellent. The production is heavier than ever, tight after bench-pressing a submarine as my writer Lex Dangler would put it, crunchier than a pistol shot going through a barrel of Pringles. That made no sense whatsoever. This band makes sense, despite playing slow Goregrind, sometimes really slow such as in the track brilliantly titled Wanking through Memory Lane which is really Doom. This is slower than Bowel Fetus. But in all honesty, this is not all slo-mo Goregrind, it’s like Bile meets Cliteater and it wouldn’t be any coincidence because it has Morris from the latter band. It’s horror-themed of course, really, really heavy and groovier than old school Pornogrind. This band is incorrigible – it will just go on producing and releasing one album after the other, and now I’m finally getting its vision of extremely powerful Goregrind without emphasizing on speed or over-the-top vocals or anything of that sort. It remains classy, especially with the packing – all formal and stylistic on this one – and continues to dish out rock-solid, ball-rocking, groovy Goregrind similar to latter day Cock and Ball Torture but with the trademark Dutch heaviness.

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