The great thing about doom vets Wall of Sleep is that your almost guaranteed an album of at least better-than-average melodic doom and usually more than a couple of brilliant tracks. They seem to operate some clandestine riff factory that keeps pumping ‘em out in Toyota-like fashion… high quality, low maintenance, and lot’s of ‘em. G’damn it, I thought so – just listening to the ‘rock’ track – “From the Bottom of These Days” - and got hit full in the face with a searing, melodic solo that can only come from one man. And sure enough, I check the credits and Mr. Weinrich does indeed contribute that fret-work. Nice little bonus here. Taking Sun Faced Apostles as a whole, you could say there is more than a passing whiff of Wino-worship throughout the vintage sounding melodic doom songs of WoS. But it serves the band well… there’s enough originality evident here to set WoS apart and no one is gonna mistake the heavily-accented timbre of Gabor Holdampf for the sorcerer-singing of Wino. And with stomping giants like the doom-dance inducing “On Pain of Birth”, the somber “Ship of Stake”, the old school Sabbath swing of “Time of the Goblins” and the slow, dire death-time diddy “Mother Sand & Father Stone” who really cares as long as the stuff rocks? A nice way to spend 45 minutes. The WoS factory keeps hummin’ along.

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