This is dark political hardcore crust punk, Wisconsin style, from members of WORDS THAT BURN. Playing in a State of Fear style of gnarled, distorted and raging riffage. Gruff and pummeling and full of anger. This recording is a 3 piece, they've added a second guitar, so I imagine they will only get more crushing. Solid shit. (Slug & Lettuce) "This is a well wicked album from Swedish HC/Crust outfit ´Wartorn´. Lyrically they pack as much punch as the music does so holds alot of interest to me. I mean there´s so many HC bands who sing about silly shit but this band take no prisoners. Check out songs like ´Blood On My Hands´ and ´Pharmaceutical Overdose´ - The latter being based on true life experiences. As I said this band don´t fuck about and that is what makes them stand out. Production wise has the thumbs up as does the CD booklet which accompanies this release. " http://fullfrontalrecordings.co.uk "Fourteen tracks of straight-up, no-nonsense elementary political hardcore from Wisconsin . Whirling, metallic leads over meat-and-potatoes thrashing and distorted, harsh vocals. To-the-point music with to-the-point lyrics attacking Wal-Mart, born again Christians, and the Bush administration, all simmering consistently with a relentless throttling attack ­ even the oddball CRO-MAGS cover gets swept along in the speed. You¹re scarcely left time to come up for air. Solid and a tad predictable ­ yet loveable and pissed!" (MAXIMUMROCKNROLL) "So what is the most important tidbit of information that you need to make an informed purchase decision with regard to WARTORN's debut full-length? It's really quite simple. "In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy War" is meat-and-potatoes crust punk with an in-your-face musical and lyrical attitude. In keeping with CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY's quality standard, the disc is a bit better than average, but nothing that will cause you to reconsider the definition of "crust punk." I've always dug this knurled brand of dirty punk, even though I'll not throw objectivity to the wind and dub "In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy War" a crust classic. Featuring members of WORDS THAT BURN, the disc begins with an air raid sounding intro called appropriately enough "Intro", that sets the tone for this politically charged and socially indignant slab of raucous fast blasts. Lyrically speaking, it's a cinch that songs like the title track are not glowing assessments of America's diplomatic prowess or President Bush's keen insight into matters of global politics. "Adolf Bushler" is a tad more blatant. The lyrics to "Wal-Matyr", "Stillborn-Again Christian", and "Kevorkian Has A Cure" are as cleverly written as they are musically incendiary. As one would expect, there is no beating around the bush when it comes to song-length ­ the point is made quickly and decisively. A strong grasp of nuance ‹ a semi-melodic lead here ("Blood on My Hands"), a brief tempo build there ("Wal-Martyr") ‹ helps the album's flow and adds a pinch of variety. A cover of the CRO-MAGS' "Survival of the Streets" is tossed in for good measure. In short, if it is crust punk you seek, you will know exactly what you are getting with "In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy War"." (Blabbermouth.net)

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