WICKED KING WICKER self-titled LP/CD Man, Noiseville came back with a bang last year - the legendary noise rock label that was responsible for releasing Skullflower's Last Shot At Heaven way back in the day had been quiet for awhile, but we started to see some gnarly grindcore records coming out through em from the likes of Unholy Grave and others, but then late last year they dropped not one, but two albums from a new band called Wicked King Wicker who I had never heard of before, but who totally blew my fucking head off with some of the heaviest, most deformed noise/doom weirdness ever! This New York band is hard to pin down; their sound is definitely doomy and metal as fuck, ultra slow and punishing, but it's slathered in so much noise and distortion and caustic filth that it starts to lean more towards the more abstract, noise-damaged end of the doom spectrum. This self-titled album is Wicked King Wicker's debut, with four songs of unbelievable psychedelic heaviness. At their core, Wicked King Wicker are pure doom, playing huge subsonic Sabbathoid riffs over pounding glacial percussion that sounds kind of industrial, a plodding pounding metal trudge, but the guitars are completely fucked, mashed into a howling, grinding mass of ultradistorted buzz, insanely blown out and crumbling under the weight of their distortion, this crunchy and abrasive black roar of viscous amplifier grind that is poured over everything. The first song "Faith Through Fear" is this one massive upwardly winding riff grinding over and over through a thick cloud of blackened buzz and grit, the drums buried deep in the corrosive murk and pounding out a simple, skullcrushing industrial groove, gibbering vocals howling in the chaos and drenched in nasty, warped FX, multiple screaming guitars spewing bizarre acid-rock solos across the throbbing, propulsive sludge, like some ultra-noisy mix of Skullflower, Whitehouse and early Pitchshifter. But that's followed by "Through A Soul, Darkly", which veers into a vast elongated buzzsaw riff thats been slowed down into a massive glacial buzzroar hovering over a blackened landscape of sparse percussion and distorted FX, like a static Sunn O))) riff stretched out into infinity, until halfway in when everything is overtaken by a huge wave of black distortion that slowly evolves into this suffocating wall of demonic deathdrone. The other two tracks "Often Referred To (But Never Seen)" and "Don't Go In The Woods" follow a similiar path as the first two, moving from bizarre percussive thunder and warped psychedelic effects to lurching motorik rhythms, buzzing swarms of rust-encrusted ultradrone, damaged doom riffing, hissing black metal vocals, murky Hawkwind effects, grinding industrial plod, everything enshrouded in blasted distortion and filthy metallic drone. Minimal and crushing, way, way zoned out, it's like this mutant spawn of Skullflower and extreme black doom, ridiculously heavy, and mega recommended to any of you that worship the damaged, droning scumdoom of Blue Sabbath Black Cheer, Khanate, Burial Chamber Trio, RYN, Alkerdeel, Black Boned Angel, Burmese, and Grave In The Sky.

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