This is crushing. This is just what we need. Especially in the absence of Abscess. Bonesaw from Scotland is dishing out some of the heaviest tunes from that side of the world. This is when Autopsy is not pushing the limits anymore and Abscess, unfortunately has been deceased. Let’s talk about Abscess – the band’s early and fleeting last moments were promising, in that it offered the Punk/Thrash/raw Death Metal we were familiar with the band for proffering, but in the middle, when Autopsy ceased to exist, it was Autopsy circa ‘Acts Of The Unspeakable’ through the possessed body of Abscess. Enough. Both are irrelevant in the face of Bonesaw. ‘The Illicit Revue’ is the second full-length of this highly underrated band, presented in a digipack format with artwork made by Dennis Dread. It’s a freak show, perverted, vile and disgusting. That encapsulates the essence of the band – it’s just that and more. It’s post-’Acts of the Unspeakable’ Autopsy meets Punkish Abscess and some crushing brutal Death Metal heaviness. It’s just too heavy. That compensates for the lack of originality or pushing of the sound like Bones from Chicago, US has been doing lately. I just hope Bonesaw doesn’t lose its edge and end up being just another Autopsy-Abscess clone. It’s probably hard for it to, because the music is just too gruesome and ferociously executed and doesn’t have to worry about alienating its fans or worry about a cult status – in other words, Bonesaw doesn’t have to play safe and that’s just what we need. This is one of the better Death Metal albums to come out this year, if you’re into this sort of thing, it’s tried-and-tested, but it’s truly extreme and repulsive, far more so than those so-called jarring fancy dark Death Metal bands these days. Its essence remains undiluted and as long as that remains the case with this band, it’s bound to rise.

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