One of the most well-rounded split albums ever, both bands complement each other well, as their styles vibe together perfectly. We have five songs from the Grind-Sludge lunatics CLITORTURE with unbelievable fast parts mixed with slow Sludge-Doom. Their songs are short (typical of grind) but they are well structured, making the most of it with constant riff and tempo changes. The vocals mix low, well-pronounced growls, with a maniacal high-pitch, this band is so dense and heavy, you won’t even notice they don’t have a bass player, they offer a truly unique and extreme listening experience. Next we have the ultra heavy Death Metal of GOREALITY, probably the best in the MASS-Death area. The style is a suffocating kind with lots of blast beats, slam riffs, an emphasis on technical skill and excellent vocals. Their songs manage a good length without becoming tiresome, around five or more minutes. This is a great album overall. Both bands manage to shine without overshadowing the other. This is certainly worth your time and money

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