In late 2003, seemingly from out of nowhere, the Path Pathology Pathos demo by a totally unknown band mysteriously made its way into the hands of various people among the Melbourne death metal and grindcore underground and basically tore everyones’ heads clean off! Who the fuck were Injury To Eye, and where the hell did they come from? This was an incredible demo containing five tracks of raw old school death metal that were obviously crafted by persons very well versed in the schools of Autopsy and Incantation, and their Australian forebears Abramelin/Acheron, Necrotomy and particularly Disembowelment. It was dark, violent, heavy and had a distinctly original quality that separated them from legions of homage bands, melding monstrous death metal with primitive 80’s style grindcore, ominous doom metal and a fractured and almost abstracted approach. The sprawling instrumental centrepiece Mysteries even evokes the unnerving audial menace of Today Is The Day’s debut album Supernova, with its unsettling construction of discordant, jagged doom and an obscure found monologue that gives it an even more sinister and disturbing effect. Unfortunately after only two live shows the band folded, but despite the criminally short lifespan of Injury To Eye, this demo remains a singularly unassailable musical document and is bound to attain the cult status it deserves as one of the very best demos, or even death metal releases, of the past decade! No Escape is thrilled to finally crack open the cryptal vault and expose the rest of the world to this foetid piece of elusive underground death metal history! With members going on to form Aeroflot and join Roskopp, Injury To Eye may lay lifeless, but its loathsome bloodline will continue to course through the veins of others and spread its contaminative legacy for years to come!

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