After Crematory’s actual album “Believe” marked the top of their career, the band decided to call it a day. It’s time to say good bye to Katrin, Felix, Matze, Harald and Markus. They brought us 10 years of fantastic songs, extraordinary gigs and a lot of fun! But why do they want to quit? There’s many reasons for their decision.One of the main reasons is that Crematory want to be remembered as what they are: Europe’s leading Gothic Metal band! There are many bands that destroyed their own status because they stayed too long in the business. Most important, if a band wants to become immortal, it should quit at the zenith of its career. Crematory understood that and decided to leave the stage with their heads held high. But they won’t leave the fans without a present to thank them for their continuous support. This special gift is not only a double-CD but a VHS and a DVD. As the last tours were recorded and filmed there’ was enough material to choose from.Have a look at the most important interstations of this fantastic band in short words: 1991 Rewind- the band is founded by Markus (drums), Lotte (guitar), Marc (bass), Felix (vocals) 1992 Face The Unknown- recording of the only demo- Marc gets replaced from Heinz (bass)- Katrin (keyboard) joins the band- signing of the the first contract with Massacre Records 1993 Eyes Of Suffering - first gig on TV in the German cult show „Na Und?“ with „The Eyes Of Suffering“- Heinz gets replaced from Harald - the recordings for the first album are made- release of „Transmigration“- support tour with My Dying Bride 1994 Shadows Of Mine- the recordings for the second album “...Just Dreaming” - “Shadows Of Mine” is the first song that’s recorded in German language- first videos for “Shadows Of Mine” and “In My Hands” with airplays on MTV and Viva- support tour with Tiamat- first small headliner tour 1995 Tears Of Time- support tour with label mates Atrocity- the recordings for the third album “Illusions” - “Tears Of Time” becomes the biggest club-hit of a German band in the 90’s- a video clip for “Tears Of Time” is made- the band gets called Europe’s leading Gothic Metal Band- recordings for the album “Crematory” 1996 Ist Es Wahr?- Crematory have got the five years band anniversary- release of the album “Crematory” , the only in German language- the first negative response from the press- nevertheless they enter the German album charts on position 86- headliner tour with The Gathering and Moonspell as interlude- a video clip for “Ist Es Wahr” is made - tour through France with Savatage, then festival tour with Savatage, Tiamat, Iced Earth,..- audio recording of the shows on DAT recorder- mastering of the tour material 1997 Out Of The Dark- release of the first live album “Live...At The Out Of The Dark Festivals- change from Massacre Records to Nuclear Blast- the recordings for the fifth studio album “Awake” - “Temple Of Love” from Sisters Of Mercy is their first covered song- guitar player Lotte supports Felix on vocals during the song “For Love” - videos for “Temple Of Love” and “ For Love” - “Awake” enters the German album charts on position 54- second european tour as headliner- because of Lottes' illness Matthias from Shit For Brains plays guitar on that tour- after the tour Matthias takes Lottes place because of some differences between him and the band 1998 Mirror- second part of the “Awake” Tour with different festivals- songwriting for the next album, which had a very refreshing effect on the band- recordings for the sixth studio album “Act Seven” 1999 Fly- “Fly” has been their first released single and becomes the club hit at all- release of “Act Seven” in march- chartentry in Germany on position 46- headliner tour and different festivals- a best of CD “Early Years” with remixes is supported by Bruno Kramm (Das Ich), Raymond Boye (Scooter, U96), Di G.O.D. (Camouflage) and K.K. (La Bouche) and gets released by Massacre Records 2000 The Fallen- video clip for the new song “The Fallen” with porno queen Chantal Chevalier- release of the seventh studio album “Believe” in september- chart entry on position 34 in Germany- headliner of Nuclear Blast’s festival tour with Destruction, Hypocrisy,.... 2001 Time For Tears- 10 years anniversary tour with chronological playlist from “Transmigration” to “Believe”- the shows get recorded visual and acoustical- the band decides to call it a day at the zenith of their career - the last album is called “Remind” and is the legacy of the band- the double-CD includes a live-CD from the “Ten Years Anniversary Tour”, on the other CD you can listen to very rare tracks and the original demo from 1992- in september they will do their last gigs

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