Nice reissue packaged in a "super jewel case". In times in which the fashion leans towards traditional metal, there is a band who defies this and moves onto higher planes beyond all trends. This band is MESHUGGAH, who with their 3rd full-length album venture into higher dimensions. The Swedes, who formed the band in 1987, have made it their aim to write good songs of high technical quality and to then add crushing grooves. "CHAOSPHERE" is a healthy mixture of weirdness and hardness, which almost enters jazz dimensions and emphasizes the high musical standard of the band members. It is definitely one of the most brutal, intensive and ambitious records released. The guys together with their exceptional guitarist FREDERICK THORDENTHAL are one of the few European bands to break the difficult American market and due to their incredible live performances (including tours with CLAWFINGER, CANNIBAL CORPSE, HYPOCRISY and MACHINE HEAD) they are welcome guests at any festival (including METAL FEST in MILWAUKEE 1998).The MESHUGGAH following consisted at the beginning almost exclusively of musicians but became larger and more varied as the band also attracted fans from all scenes. Death Metal fans stand next to Power Metal freaks, Crossover kids as well as lovers of more demanding music. The future of versatility is called MESHUGGAH!!!

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