Damnatio ad Bestias vol 1. split CD between DEFEKTRO (Japan) and tn666 (Germany). Defektro Noise Army Characterized by their harsh Machine produced Junk Metal sounds Defektro have been performing together for over fourteen years. Formed In 1995 in Tokyo, Japan DEFEKTRO is a 3 human, many machine noize unit. The units original members Hirofumi Uchino and Ayako Honda crashed onto the noise scene in Tokyo in 1995. In 2001 they were joined by Laura Oyaizu (of Australia unit KUNT) to make the present day Defektro unit. Hirofumi Uchino,a futuristic Dr Frankenstein, is the evil mastermind and father of the machines used in Defektro. The sound is produced by the machines, sampled, effected chewed up and spat out to the pleasure of the audience. tn666 tn666 a.k.a. Total Noise Beast is a solo project by Mr. M.Weigand. He used to work at a couple of Noise and Industrial projects eg : Seven Minutes of Nausea, End Of Silence and some more ... With no limits you can listen to the apocalyptic visions of a nauseated soundextrimist. Get your polytraumatic-neardeath-experience...Ltd. on 300 copies.

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